About Interaction Design

Interaction Design, or I x D, is about designing the experience a user has when interacting with a digital product. The design medium is ultimately behavior. Good Interaction Design supports meaningful dialog between the user and the product and facilitates the user in reaching their goals in a manner that is effective, efficient and satisfying.

I x D is a relatively young discipline which has its origins in the ‘Human Factors’ branch of Industrial design and in ‘Human Computer Interaction’ or HCI. With education in programming and data structures, graphic design, and behavioral science, the interaction designer should understand how a product is structured, the most effective way to present visual content and controls, and how to examine and interpret users and their needs and goals.

As digital components become integrated into more and more of the objects that surround us it is the interaction designers challenge to ensure that this integration results in increased quality of life rather than increased frustration.

Much writing on IxD is available on the web, here is a collection of some of the links we found interesting:

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